Let’s Walk Together In Faith…

Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is a lifelong process. It doesn't happen in an instant. Wouldn't that be great if it did?! 

Some of us have grown up in the church our whole lives and it's familiar. Others of us are new to seeing the world through eyes of faith. Regardless, we all are at the same,
loved just as we are, and invited to grow as a disciple of Jesus.

When we talk about discipleship at St. John, we call it [Worship+]. There are a lot of opportunities at St. John to choose from and consider them a plus. What are you excited about to add to your worship experience that will help you grow? This video may help too.

When we covenant with this faith community, we say yes to five vows of spiritual growth: we will pray, grow, share our gifts, serve and share our story. With [Worship+] , we invite our faith community to recommit to these five vows of spiritual growth in a way that is personal, takes a unique path and challenges each of us on our faith journey.

In the past couple years, we've invited people to grow in their exploration of the Bible, health and wellness, mission, relationships, justice projects and more. 

Our journeys are unique, but we make them together.

See what's being offered right now. Most opportunities are open so don't worry if the class has already started. Jump in!

To learn more, contact church office at stjohn.sjumc@gmail.com

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Take your next step…

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Bible Gateway
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3 minute prayer retreats
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