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Together We Pray

For Healing:  Hal and Joyce Smith, Teresa Dearborn (friend of Lori Deschamps), Laraine and Bob Hunter (friends of David Donaldson), Dick and Marcy (friends of Sharon Sauer), Doris Gibson (mother of Karen), Ashley Shipley, Jasper Hart, Ralph Mathis, Bill Jaeger (father of Tom), David Shields, Dawnia Clements, Lorian (niece of Ruth Benson), Devon (little sister of NHPS student), Janet Allison (mother of Sue Brady),  Gerry Briscoe, John and Gina Bardsley, Shane Inch, Jane McDonald (mother of Stephanie Lentfer), Tiffany (sister of Amber Packer), Nicole (daughter of Scott & Cora Bohne), Jerri Poling Bacino, Phil Parker (family of Allison McLain).

For Loss: Hines family and friends, Dennerlein family and friends, Carpenter family and friends, Crookes family and friends, Bates family and friends.

General prayers: Adam (Satrina Lord's nephew).

Our Partners in Mission: Girl Scouts, Food Bank, Alaska Innocence Project.

Churches of the Month: Christ First UMC, Palmer Fellowship, New Hope Methodist Presbyterian.