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Together We Pray

For Healing: Allison McLain, Alice (grandmother of Jessica Short), Jim Newton, Eric Jeglum (brother of Andrea Parrish), Mary Alice Blount, Sandra Wainui (mother of Kiersten Jedlicka), Marc Langland, Charles King, Pauline Nzemayo, Imelda Deal, Zoe Steele, Dolores House (mother of Mary Werner), Howard DeVore, Hugh Miller, Chuck & Lela Young, Diane Brewer, Lani Jensen, Janet Barr (mother of Rosie Barr), Jean Baker (mother of Amy Lundell), Hal and Joyce Smith, Teresa Dearborn (friend of Lori Deschamps), Ralph Mathis, Lorian (niece of Ruth Benson), Shane Inch, Jane McDonald (mother of Stephanie Lentfer), Tiffany (sister of Amber Packer), Nicole (daughter of Scott & Cora Bohne).

For Loss: Witmer family & friends, Cawvey family & friends, Floerchinger family & friends, Barela family & friends, DeVore Family & Friends, Brower family & friends, Brady family & friends, Sommer family & friends, Foster family & friends, Burket family & friends (brother of John), Finch & House family and friends (sister of Mary Warner).

General prayers:  Adam (nephew of Satrina Lord), Barbara & Steve Wertz and parents Mr. & Mrs. Hawkins (friends of Melinda DeBruhl).

Our Partners in Mission: Big Brother/Big Sisters Days for Girls, Rally the Regions.

Churches of the Month: Turnagain UMC, UMC of Chugiak.